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Inspection and Clearance of Regulations

1.1 Inspection of imported consignment at point of entry (PoE)

i. On arrival at the ports of entry, pharmaceutical products will be inspected by a SQCC inspector to ensure that they comply with the approved specifications before they are released.

Each batch must be accompanied by an import permit, an original certificate of origin, packing list and certificate of analysis.

ii. During the process of inspection and release of the consignment, the inspector may take sample medicines for further investigations.

  1. SQCC will sample imported pharmaceutical products for further investigation when deemed necessary.
  2. Investigation or consultation may take some time before they are concluded, especially where it involves laboratory analysis of the consignment. Where such cases arise, the consignment shall be confiscated until the results of the investigations are out.

iii. On inspection of the consignment the following actions may be taken:

  1. Approval for release may be given.
  2. An outright rejection of the consignment pending re-export or destruction at the owner’s expense may be issued.

1. Import Good Request Form

2. Physical Inspection Form